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Name: USAMVB Regele Mihai I al Romaniei
Type: University
Street: Calea Aradului, No.119
City: Timisoara
Country: Romania

University located in Timisoara, playing a proactive role in promoting knowledge-based bioeconomy, providing a stimulating intellectual environment in the Romanian academic life and the Danube-Kris-Mures-Tisza Euroregion (DKMT).
R&D in biofuels at Banat University of Agricultural Science in Timisoara: Research in bioprocess and biotechnologies in: agricultural and forestry biomass production, biodiesel, ethanol (including lignocellulosic), biogas. Methane production potential tests, substrate, digestate analysis, biorefinery including NIR anaysis for ethanol fermentation, distillation column, ethanol, biodiesel and biogas pilot installations.